Freezing is hitting nature’s pause button. At peak ripeness, we harvest, clean and flash freeze our first-pick fruits as soon as they come in from the fields. This is how key vitamins, minerals and rich colour are locked in and taste is guaranteed.

Frozen Vegetables are increasingly used by every household & commercial kitchen. It has an equal nutritional quotient as the fresh vegetables and is comparatively more hygienic because of the process & packaging and food safety tests it undergoes as per FSSAI guidelines that it follows.

Frozen is the new fresh

The impact of the Covid & lockdown on dietary patterns has been immense; the biggest change being how people now procure their daily essential items. Frozen produce has just as many nutrients (if not more) as fresh.

Frozen food is increasingly becoming popular among consumers in India & rest world. Freezing technology is the most important aspect for frozen foods. It keeps the food fresh and nutritious from the time it is prepared up to the time it is consumed. Frozen food industry in India & rest of world has been growing rapidly over the past few years. The busy lifestyles of consumers led to the increasing demand for convenience foods, especially, frozen foods. Previously, the frozen food industry in India & rest of world was limited to only basic frozen vegetables and French fries. But today, the frozen foods market consists of frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen vegetable snacks and frozen meat products.

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Frozen fruits and vegetables offer a number of advantages over the fresh produce. In India, frozen fruits and vegetables are rapidly gaining traction among consumers. The freezing technique employed in fruits and vegetables assists in retaining the colour, flavour and nutritive value of these products. The residual moisture is converted into ice by freezing, which prevents the growth of bacteria and hence slows down the decomposition.

The spoilage of fruits and vegetables during transportation and exposure to light, heat and dust is also reduced by employing freezing technology. Frozen fruits and vegetables offer numerous benefits which include low cost, easy preparation and availability during the off-season.

Frozen Products

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