We follow organic cultivation system to grow our crops

We follow Sustainability with Good Agriculture Practice

We cultivate various crops like Okra, Green Chillies, Gourds, Green Peas, Carrot, Cauliflower, Spinach, Green Beans, Fenugreek, Mango etc.

Our farms are located in Maharashtra & Gujrat region of India. Our farms are Global GAP certified.

We have more then 1000 registered farmers group who continuously supply us required vegetables, which ensures unerupted supply chain.

GlobalGAP certification provides assurance that food has been grown using recognized levels of quality and safety.

It also ensures that it has been produced sustainably in a way that respects the health, the environment and the welfare and safety of workers and animals.

The GlobalGAP standard addresses consumer concerns about food safety. It demonstrates that food is produced in a way that reduces the negative environmental impacts of this activity by reducing the use of chemical and using environmental protection. It also promotes the safety and good health of workers involved and provides animal welfare.

Our Factory

We have state of art IQF processing facility in Indore (Madhya Pradesh-India)

The IQF Processing line which is installed is having a capacity of 3 MT per hour

We can process 8 t0 15 MT vegetables per day

Facility is certified as per Global Food Safety Standards

We follow all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Our cold storage capacity at -18 degree is more 1000 MT


The IQF deep-freezing system guarantees and maintains all the nutritional properties of the products, as well as their colour, smell, flavour and texture. We obtain a product with maximum quality guaranteed, which is convenient, adapted to the customer needs, and available all year long. We freeze the products individually at very low temperature (-40 ÂșC) and at high speed. In this way, all their organoleptic properties remain intact. For frozen snacks & Indian breads we use traditional cooking method which ensures authentic taste.

Our IQF Process

We have state of art Ready To Eat (RTE) processing facility in Surat (Gujrat India)

Facility is certified as per Global Food Safety Standards

We follow all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Our production capacity is 5 to 8 MT Per day

We process Indian Breads, Indian Snacks like Samosa & Ready Meals