Sustainability & Social Responsibility

The Idea is quite simple

Whenever we take something from Nature, we give something back to Nature

But this is just an idea!

To transform this idea in to reality we need to do much more!


Sustainability with Good Agriculture Practice

Farming Good Agriculture Pratice
Farm Produce
IQF Production
Vegetable & Agriculture Waste
Farming Good Agriculture Pratice
Farming Good Agriculture Pratice
Farming Good Agriculture Pratice
Farming Good Agriculture Pratice

Vegetables like Okra, Gren Chillies, Spinach, Green Peas, Carrot, Sweet Corn, Cauliflower etc. are grown organically by using Global Agriculture Practice Standards (Global GAP) & freeze at our Frozen (IQF) facility & store them at -18-degree temperature till it reaches to our customers

Our ‘Green Ambition’

We are passionate about People, our Planet and our Products, and we are inspired to maintain all three elements in an optimal state of balance…

NTM Vegiorganic Products is proactive in exploring and introducing more sustainable agricultural production methods. We have translated our ambitions into our Minimum Impact, Maximum Output, Sustainable Agriculture Practices

We are committed to the frozen vegetable industry and we do our utmost to make a strong contribution to the sector.

We are confident that the sector’s outlook is bright as a provider of nutritious, affordable products, which will help to assure food security and reduce food waste.

We are determined to play a leading role in sustainability, recognising that we need to confront tomorrow’s issues today.


We are aware that everything we create is performed by people and for people, and we believe that our company has a broad social responsibility, with priority to our employees, but also to our surrounding community and society as a whole.


We are working hard to develop truly sustainable ways of growing our crops, by taking a holistic approach that considers the crop’s needs, the activities of our farmers and the demands of our customers.


NTM Vegiorganic Products develops products that are healthy, tasty, natural, convenient & nutritional and that take into account the market needs of our Retail & Food Service customers

Our good agriculture practices

Sustainable crop rotation

We use Crop rotations to improve & maintain good physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the soil. They reduce the average rate of erosion from a field.

Sustainable Organic Compost

We use Organic Composting as an important element of sustainable solid waste management. We decompose vegetable & agriculture waste using biological culture to make good Organic Compost. Converting agriculture waste into compost eliminates pollution of the air, water, and soil. This is a reusable resource.

Sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a sustainable, science-based, decision-making process that combines biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools to identify, manage and reduce risk from pests and pest management tools and strategies in a way that minimizes overall economic, health and environmental risks.

Sustainable Good Agriculture Practice

We use GLOBALGAP an internationally recognized set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This ensures food safety, shelf life and quality. Global GAP standards which we use provides assurance that food has been grown using recognized levels of quality and safety. It also ensures that it has been produced sustainably in a way that respects the health, the environment and the welfare and safety of workers and animals.